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Solenoid shutoff valve

Solenoid shutoff valve

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Solenoid shutoff valve

The solenoid shutoff valve (hereinafter referred to as solenoid valve) is an electrically actuated shutoff element that is applicable to different types of gases such as pipeline gas and natural gas. The use of gas provides substantial convenience, and at the same time, due to various reasons, results in explosion caused by gas leakage and poisoning. In order to eliminate hidden hazards in a timely manner before the occurrence of any accident, the valve, under the control of a safe and reliable gas alarm, emits an instant control signal when the alarm is triggered due to gas leakage that promptly shuts off the solenoid valve and cut off the gas source in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of life and property of you and your family.



- Opening method: manual reset

- Closing method: DC pulse actuation (valve is closed by DC pulse signal emitted by the alarm)

- Closing times: ≤0.5S

- Holding method: maintaining the open/close state with no need for power.

- Closing valve in case of substantial vibration: meeting the requirement of closing the valve automatically when there is substantial hazardous vibration

- Reliable sealing: adoption of multi-level sealing , ensures tightness and safety;

- Reliable actuation: actuating mechanism opens and closes 20,000 times without any fault.

Technical specifications:


- Applicable gas: natural gas, liquefied gas and manufactured gas).

- Valve body material: die cast zinc-aluminum alloy, forged aluminum and forged copper

- Sealing material: highly anti-corrosive rubber

- Maximum working pressure: 50kPa

- Joint: angle valve body gas inlet secured by nuts G1/2" (DN15) at the outside, gas outlet secured by nuts G3/4" (DN20) at the inside

Throughway valve body G1/2" (DN15)

(it can also be custom made based on requirements of the user)

- Driving voltage: DC12V(pulse)

- Driving current: <400mA(pulse)

- Time to close valve: <0.5s

- Outlet length: ≥2m

- Working temperature: -10℃ - +60℃


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