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Gas alarm

Gas alarm

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  • Product description:Natural gas、Liquefied petroleum gas

Gas alarm

The independent combustible gas detector (also known as gas alarm) is made by adopting high quality gas sensors and taking advantage of advanced electronic technology and sophisticated process; it is controlled by a microprocessor. The detector is characterized by good stability, long service life, strong anti-interference capacity, on-site audible and visual alarm and linkage device for cutting off the gas source. When leakage occurs at any place with combustible and toxic gas concentration reaching the alarm set value, the alarm will reliably give off audible and visual signals to remind you to take effective actions immediately or send a shutoff signal to the shutoff device (shutoff valve) to cut off the gas source timely to eliminate the danger, thereby effectively preventing fire, explosion, suffocation and death.



- Advanced sensor which is highly sensitive and reliable

- Advanced analog-to-digital conversion circuit

- Microcomputer technology, reliable operation, simple circuit and high level of integration

- Stable performance and strong anti-interference capacity

- Flexible output connection. Different output signals such as switching signal or pulse signal based on requirements of the user.

- Can be used in combination with the gas shutoff valve

- Button test function

Technical specifications:


- Structural characteristic: wall-mounted

- Power supply: AC 220V±15% 50Hz

- Output power: DC 12V pulse signal or relay controlled on-off signal

- Output current: pulse current <400mA

- Power consumption: ≤3W

- Working temperature: 0~+55℃

- Working humidity: 10~95%RH

- Response and recovery time: ≤30s

- Alarm range: natural gas (methane) 1~25% LEL

  LPG (propane)1~25% LEL

  Manufactured gas (hydrogen gas) 125~750ppm (umol/mol)

  Carbon monoxide 50~300 ppm (umol/mol)

 (Note: alarm point can be set within the above range based on requirements of the user)

- Working status: green light normally on – normal monitoring status

   Red light on – alarm status, buzzer sounds in an intermittent manner

   Yellow light on – fault status, buzzer sounds continuously

Installation introduction:


Installation introduction:

1、Please keep the gas leakage detector installed near the roof of house, because the Nature gas or town gas are more light than air, and it will waft upper towards.

2、Please keep the gas leakage detector installed on the ground, because LPG is more heaver than air, and it will dropped after leakage, the detector will alarm in case gas has leakage.




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