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Cubic feet gas meter

Cubic feet gas meter

  • Commodity number:G1.6/G2.5GG4
  • Shooting angle:0.016-6m³/h
  • Video pixel:[content:P_XS]
  • Shelf time:[content:P_TIME]
  • Product description:Natural gas、Liquefied petroleum gas

Cubic feet gas meter

Product measured by cubic feet, suitable for British standard markets, product both steel case and aluminum case, the aluminum case operation pressure maximum 100Kpa.

Independent measuring unit structure designing inside, and outside cases are pressed by the high-quality spray-paint steel, it’s has high accuracy and high reliability. Designing and producing meticulously, test strictly for GS serials gas meter which suitable for NG, LPG, Town gas, marsh gas measuring.


- Register measuring unit is cubic feet.

- Casing made by high quality cold-roller steel case or aluminum alloy.

- Surface spray-paint protects from corrosion.

- Wide range ,GS1.6,GS2.5,GS4

- High accuracy, long service life with reliability.

- Lower noise.

- AMR optional

Technical characteristics:




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