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Wireless Gas meter

Wireless Gas meter

  • Commodity number:G1.6/G2.5GG4
  • Shooting angle:0.016-6m³/h
  • Video pixel:[content:P_XS]
  • Shelf time:[content:P_TIME]
  • Product description:Natural gas、Liquefied petroleum gas

Wireless Gas meter

RThe product designed base diaphragm gas meter, consisting of sensor and controller, electro valve, and transfer digital signal by wireless, it has data remote reading and measuring function. System including wireless smart gas meter, wireless network, and data management system. Beside of basic measuring function, it also has data collection, wireless transmission, valve controlling, and data management. Data collected and valve controlled by remote, it’s convenience for gas company and customers.


The product resolved gas billing problems, such as on-site reading problem, payment delay etc. It’s providing with gas consumption management automatically, scientifically for gas companies.



- Magnet attacking alarm, tamper resistance.

- Precise Measurement ,10 L per pulse.

- System measurement difference less than 1 pulse

- User interface friendly, easy for operation.

- Quick data reading, one meter reading less than 2.5 s

- Transmission power maximum 110mW

- Average current consumption 40uA, 4 LR6AA batteries service life more than 2 Years.

- Transmission distance (open area) >200m, multi- floor building

- Use Hand held unit wake up the meter to read out data and control valve.

Technical characteristics:


Point to point system:



Automatic systems:





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