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IC card gas meter

IC card gas meter

  • Commodity number:G1.6/G2.5/G4
  • Shooting angle:0.016-6m³/h
  • Video pixel:[content:P_XS]
  • Shelf time:[content:P_TIME]
  • Product description:Natural gas、Liquefied petroleum gas

IC card gas meter

IC card gas meter deemed as the smart measuring instrument based on the diaphragm gas meter, with installing controlling valves, electrical controls and IC card operation system., which remains metering accuracy of mechanic meters and at the same time realizes automated management. The IC card gas meter, with compact structure and advanced technology, is convenient to operate and reliable in usage.


IC card gas meter is a main device which helps city gas companies and gas users realize the scientific and automated management of supply and use. The IC card has prepaid function and the credit and surplus credit can be displayed through the LCD. IC card gas meter is applicable for the metering of artificial coal gas, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas



- Prepaid and using control

- Credit accumulation

- Presentation of gas status, credit accumulation and surplus credit

- Data protection

- Voltage checking and low-voltage warning

- Valve automatic closing when in low voltage or out of power

- Reminding insufficiency of gas

- Magnet attack protection


                              Typical regulation curve                                                                                          Pressure absorption

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