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Steel gas meter

Steel gas meter

  • Commodity number:G1.6/G2.5/G4
  • Shooting angle:0.016-6m³/h
  • Video pixel:[content:P_XS]
  • Shelf time:[content:P_TIME]
  • Product description:Natural gas、Liquefied petroleum gas

Steel gas meter

The diaphragm gas meter is to use the differential pressure principle between inlet and outlet to impulse the diaphragms in the diaphragm boxes to do the to-and-fro movement. When the gas flow rate enters into the meter, it first be full of the space inside of the meter housings, from the rotary valve mouths due to the differential pressure, the gas will alternately enter into the different diaphragm boxes and realize the diaphragm boxes alternately charge and discharge. The movement of the rotary valve is transferred to the driving gear via the transmission mechanism and accumulate。The gas volume through the meter to index counter by the ratio calibration gears to realize the metrology of the gas meter.


Independent measuring unit structure designing inside, and outside cases are pressed by the high-quality spray-paint steel, it’s has high accuracy and high reliability. Designing and producing meticulously, test strictly for GS serials gas meter which suitable for NG, LPG, Town gas, marsh gas measuring.



- Outside case made by high-quality steel.

- Surface spray-paint protects from corrosion.

- Case closing use stainless steel for leakage protection

- Diaphragm made by advance gluing and vulcanization process

- Use high-quality bakelite notary valve

- Upper case and lower case fixed with glue for leakage protection.

- Broad metrological performance: GS1.6,GS2.5,GS4

- High accuracy and long term and reliability

- Low noise

- AMR optional


                                     Typical regulation curve                                                                          Pressure absorption


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